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Why Us? We have the best reporting system, contact us on skype we will give you our 2012-2013 reports. What do I get for my money?

Once you subscribe for our service, you’ll be receiving around 50 – 100 trades per month distributed among 8 trading instruments GBPUSD, GBPJPY, EURUSD, EURJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, plus Gold & Oil. All trades will be replicated directly to your MT4 via our Trade copier, so practically you’ll be having the same trades which we place on our live accounts.


€ Why using Trade Copier and not SMS and E-mail? £

We were using SMS and E-mail signals, but it turns out to be too slow. We don’t want to waste valuable time writing and sending text messages, while the market moves away from the entry levels. Furthermore, if you receive SMS in the middle of the night, you probably won’t ruin your sleep to place a trade. So why should we complicate our lives? The solution is easy, using the Trade copier let’s you trade whenever we trade, without any delays and it’s 100% secure.


€ Is there a specific time when you send the signals? £

No there is not. 95% of the time we trade during the European and US market sessions, but since you will use our trade copier, trading will be convenient for you, regardless of your time zone.


€ Are all orders pending? £

95% of the orders will be market orders, which will be placed every time a signal occurs on one of the 8 trading instruments.


€ What is the max level of risk that I should be taking? £

Please view this page: How to trade for detailed explanations on how to best take advantage of our signals .


€ What are your SL and TP levels? £

Basically our SL levels are between 30 and 50 pips, but most of the time we do modify them as a trade develops, meaning that we could place the SL at the Entry level or decrease it, place trailing stop, etc. The point here is not to lose money, so we are carefully doing our risk management. The TP levels also vary, but the absolute minimum is around 30 pips. Don’t forget that can also close positions swiftly using our trade copier, so even if the TP is not hit, we could get out with 5-10 pips profit in case of high volatility!


€ How are the trades generated? Are you scalping? £

We are not scalping! Our signals are based on rigorous market analysis, using systems that we have adopted and improved throughout the years we’ve been on the market.


€ Why do you recommend Hot Forex Broker? £

The reasons are many. First of all this is our Broker and we really appreciate their great trading conditions. But the most important thing is once you trade at Hot Forex, there won’t be any differences between our trades.When we place or close a trade, you get it on your MT4 a second later through our Trade Copier. This is key, as we want to equalize our performance with yours. Besides, every client who transfers his account to Hot Forex will receive cash rebates from every trade placed on his/her account ($2.1 per every 1 standard lot).


€ Is the payment auto recurring or do i have to manually subscribe every 30 days? £

The payments are not auto recurring. We would like our clients to test our service for at least a few months, before we can offer longer term subscription options! All users interested in long term partnerships (more than six months) with us should contact us via e-mail at

€ Where can I find info on your past performance? £

A detailed information about our historic performance is uploaded in the Performance section of this website. There you will find the latest numbers for monthly returns in pips and in percentages, interactive charts.


€ What’s your refund policy? £

Please be aware that we don’t provide refunds. This condition is included in the Terms of Use section of our website.


 We didn’t answer your question! Please e-mail us with your query on: or alternatively use our Contact form and we’ll reply back asap.


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